Jo Messina began her career with a 1996 release of Heads Carolina, Tails California but it was her second album I'm Alright that garnered worldwide recognition. To date she's sold more than 5 million albums worldwide and is making a comeback.We haven't seen much from Messina the last few years. Taking time off to focus on herself, marry and have children.

I've always been a fan of Jo Dee's music but her live performance is incredible. She opened up for the Judd's in Dallas and she blew me away. Great with the crowd, great music and energy she put on a great show. She got the crowd ready for the Judd's; by the time they hit the stage everyone was pumped and ready.

Jo Dee is back making music and has a new album 'Me' and her first new single in years. 'A Woman's Rant' is getting rave reviews. What makes this such an awesome project is that it is fully fan funded. The album revenue was raised via Kickstarter. The website allows guests/fans to pledge money to start a project. Jo Dee's is the 15th largest funded project in the sites history. Sounds like Jo Dee still has plenty of fans out there and they are ready for her new music.

Jo Dee is currently touring festivals, fairs and communities around the U.S. You can hear Jo Dee's current single 'A Woman's Rant' here.

These are two of my favorite Jo Dee Songs:

Bye Bye

Stand Beside Me