Jennifer Nettles the lead singer of today’s most celebrated country duo Sugarland,  is always singing with non-country stars on TV specials, award shows and the likes with stars like Bon Jovi, Adele and, most recently, Rihanna on during the Academy of Country Music Awards.

It seems the as if we can’t get enough of Jennifer Nettles’ big, southern, country twangy voice and her movie-star like looks. 36-year-old Nettles thanks her fans for giving her the freedom to venture off to other genres of music to perform with others and yet the inevitable question still lingers does she long for a solo career?  “If it happens, it happens. Kristian (Bush, her Sugarland partner) and I are definitely supportive of each other in our individual explorations and forays. Do I have any specific plans? No. It’s a valid question, and I like it because I’m sure there will come a time when both of us will do it.”

In a recent interview, Kristian Bush said his 8-year-old daughter, Camille, knows Jennifer’s song parts and that she is ready to take over when she grows up.  “Good. That’s good to know. She is a beautiful little girl and quite talented, and I think she would be perfect. I would be honored if she did.” said Jennifer.

The Tennessean