Dallas-based singer/songwriter Jenna Jentry is interested in doing things her own way. She's not interested in passing along her career for someone else to manage, and isn't too keen on making an album filled with other people's songs. Jentry certainly gets her way on her CD, 'Good As Gold'.

Jenna either writes or co-writes all but one of the tracks on 'Good As Gold', and she clearly has a knack for writing.

'Lovin' Lazy' is the opening track, and kicks off 'Good As Gold' with a mid-tempo song with some nifty harmonies and backing vocals accompanying Jentry. Here's a clip:

'Tequila' has a lot of attitude. It's a punchy tune that maintains a rapid pace, and the song's hook, "to hell if I'll be drinking tequila around you" will stay with you for a while. The very pop country 'Southern Heaven', 'I Said It First', and the title track to 'Good As Gold' are all just as catchy.

'Only By The Grace of God' is something of a power ballad, and about as inspirational as the title suggests. Jentry lets off the gas just a little and shows off the softer side of her voice for the first time on 'Good As Gold' and it provides a nice change up. 'Wrecking Ball' comes later in the CD, and is a much more traditional sweet country ballad.

Kevin DeClue lends his vocal talents on the duet, 'Not The End'. Their voices match up nicely, and this song adds another dimension to the CD.

There's an attitude in Jenna Jentry's music that sets her apart from other female country singers. She's got an edge to her voice and a unique quality in her songwriting that makes Jentry noticeable in a crowd. There's no lack of energy on this CD, and there is a lot of talent and even more potential on 'Good As Gold'. More often than not, when you combine these attributes with work ethic, it's the formula for long term success in the music business. It will be very interesting to see what Jenna Jentry follows this solid effort up with.

Jenna Jentry 'Good As Gold' Track list:

1 - Lovin' Lazy
2 - Tequila
3 - Southern Heaven
4 - I Said It First
5 - Good As Gold
6 - Only By The Grace of God
7 - Someday Soon
8 - Not The End
9 - Wise Advice
10 - Wrecking Ball
11 - Run Just A Little Late
12 - Two 2 Tangle
13 - White Lies