Jason Allen hasn't been distracted by all the Texas Red Dirt artists out there who have all but taken the Texas music scene over. he makes it clear to anyone who listens to his music or sees him perform live that he is a country singer/songwriter. He does it very well, by the way. Jason's fifth CD release, "Loving You" is evidence to that fact.

There is one thing that's difficult to do when you listen to "Loving You", and that's guess Jason Allen's age. He was clearly brought up on country music, but trying to pinpoint the era that had the most influence on his music is nearly impossible. You can pick out styles in this CD from the 2000's, like "Goin' Fishin' Today". You'll also find a throwback or two to the days of George Jones and Loretta Lynn ruled the radio airwaves. "Mama Got Jesus" takes you back to the mid-60's country scene with a real throwback feel to the music and lyrics:

Charlie's got fever and Peggy got grounded for life/Daddy's got bills that he can't pay on time/Cousin got married then he got divorced/Live's so strenuous/But it'll be okay, mama's gonna pray for us.

I think Jason Allen's place on the Texas music scene has been created because of his knack for writing and singing country ballads. He's got his share of upbeat, fun songs, but Jason has a real ability to show his emotional side. "Just Looking In Your Eyes" is that song on "Loving You".

There is musical growth in "Loving You". Jason enlists the accordion-playing talents of The Tejas Brothers' Dave Perez on a nifty tune, "Just Let Me Prove It To You", and there's a nice bit of variety from song to song on this CD. "Mudflap Girl" speaks for itself as a fun one. When I hear "The Devil Has Red Hair", I can visualize a dance floor packed with jitterbugging couples.

I also appreciate the fact that there's an original Christmas song, "I'll Miss You This Christmas". I wish more Texas artists would do this.

Jason Allen has released his 5th CD for a reasons that are clear. First of all, he's good enough to have that kind of success. Second, he just keeps getting better. Finally, Jason Allen's CD's have stayed country. His fans have to appreciate that. The country music world should, too, knowing there's a quality artist out there who keeps it real.