Each week, The Shootout will pit a Texas Music artist against a Nashville artist and you determine which song lives and which one dies.

With Keith Urban's 5th straight win, he retires to The Shootout Hall of Fame.This week we feature 2 new artists on The Shootout...Jason Aldean and Stoney LaRue.

You have until Sunday at Midnight to place your vote.

If a song wins 5 straight then it's retired to The Shootout Hall of Fame. Currently, Keith Urban is the only artist to retire.

  • Tattoos on This Town

    Jason Aldean

    Jason Aldean Facebook

    Jason Aldean’s latest song is Tattoo's On This Town. It's a song about a guy and his girl living life large is small-town anywhere USA. It’s an all American song about everyone of us even if we didn’t grow up in a little town we all still have memories of life in our hometowns. Jason Aldean knocked one out of the park with this latest single from the album "My Kinda Party", which has already had four other number ones picked from it.

    Rick Diamond, Getty Images
  • Velvet

    Stoney LaRue

    Stoney LaRue Facebook

    It's been 6 years between albums for Stoney and he's done a lot of soul searching with his latest album "Velvet". It's a little bit of a departure, in that these songs are a little deeper than the free wheeling songs of the past. It took 3 years to record the album under producer Frank Liddell in Nashville and what developed weren't just drinking songs, but songs about Stoney and Life. "Velvet" is the title track and first release off the album.