If you just couldn't get enough of Jana Kramer this past weekend at the West Texas Rehab Telethon, you're in luck. She just released her video for her latest single entitled 'Whiskey.' I believe the video sets the story line better, it's like you're living the heart-ache with Jana. Check it out for yourself.

The video opens with Jana laying down on her sofa in the ever so familiar heartbreak/heartache scene we've all lived through at one time or another. I am reminded of a couple of times in my life when I found myself in the same situation. Only to remember the good time that got us here but now the other lover (whiskey) has won out. I won't play out the entire video, but I'll promise you that before it's over you're thinking of someone that broke your heart.

With this video, I am reminded of a song by a group of the 90's called 'Hiway 101' and if I remember correctly the song was called 'Whiskey If You Were A Woman.' Almost the same scenario, where a woman falls for the whiskey drinking, bad boy who loves the bottle more. On a side note, Miss Kramer just got engaged to one of country music's bad boys Brantley Gilbert. Why is it the girls always fall for the bad boys?

This is Jana's second single from her self-titled album. While I could not attend Kramer's live performance last Saturday night at the Abilene Civic Center. Everyone that did ssaid that "Jana Kramer was incredible."

This is Jana Kramer's new Video for 'Whiskey'