Jake Owen is headed to West Texas with Jason Aldean's Night Train Tour on May 4th, and he shows no signs of slowing down his music career. But since becoming a dad last November, Owen's home life has caused him to drastically changed the way he looks at life. Baby Pearl has caused him to  slow down and appreciate life whenever he's home from the road.

In an interview with 'People', the country star talked with Owen about his home life and his new role as daddy:

"Time does fly in life but right now, I'm really trying to slow it down. I'm already thinking about where she'll go to school, what color her backpack will be when I watch her walk away from me and walk inside of her school for the first time, who her friends are gonna be, what she wants to be when she grows up."

Jake is trying to enjoy every moment, even the late night wake-up calls, even though that part of being a new dad hasn't always been easy for Owen to appreciate.

"My favorite time of the day is probably the morning time with Pearl, when she wakes up after sleeping. She's always happy in the morning, unlike her dad. I usually tend to be a bit disgruntled or moody in the morning, you could say, but Pearl has made me grow into having a happier outlook on life. She makes my day a whole lot better."

It's called being wrapped around her finger, dad. Jake freely admits that family life has given him direction, telling People, "Having a daughter, having a family, gives me a whole lot more purpose in life."