Holidays always seems to include accidents of some sort or another. People are having fun and safety takes a back seat to that fun. Jake Owen found himself in the middle of an emergency room over this past weekend. He had a small accident after a day of hanging with two NASCAR drivers and a go-kart challenge.


Owen, Kevin Harvick and Clint Bowyer decided to take a few go-karts out for a spin and ended up with Owen in the ER with some miner injuries. Owen tweeted "I'll stick to singing country songs" after his go-kart took a tumble.

Harvick posted a pic of Owen in a neck brace from the ER that evening. Owen had played for Harvick's wife's surprise 40th birthday party. It must have been some party because Harvick tweeted "Well we pulled off a bad ass surprise party for @DeLana Harvick put 2 in the hospital and its raining now...Wow!!".

I think Owen should definitely take his own advice and stick to singing; and leave the racing to the pros!