Yes, today is the day all baseball fans wait for, Opening Day of the season. I will be taking in a baseball game although it's not a professional league game.

Yes, the Rangers played today at The Ball Park and better yet my Yankee's were playing but not close enough for me to go see them. I will have to settle for a little league game tonight, although those can get pretty darn exciting.

I have to admit that as much as I like baseball I've only attended 3 professional games all in Arlington. Don't remember who the Rangers were playing the first time I went, it wasn't long after the stadium opened. The other two were against the Yankees!! Any guesses who I was cheering for?

There is just something about the whole atmosphere of being at the ball park for a game, there's all the cheering and jeering, the food, the sounds it just takes you away from everything if only for a few hours.

So tonight in honor of "opening day" I will go watch the 11-12 year old play one of the best sports around, I will spit sunflower seeds, eat a hotdog and drink a coke and escape reality for 90 minutes!!

Remember we have a semi-pro team here again this year; the Abilene Prairie Dogs season gets under way May 28th!

So who will win the pennant this year? (Yankees!); will the Rangers go all the way this time? (Yankees!); will Derek Jeter ever ask me to marry him?