If you believe in aliens, then you may actually be proven correct at some point. It seems there is a "twin earth" out there, meaning it is a habitable planet. NASA made the announcement Monday.
So if you are wanting to travel to some place new...well, let's hold on just a minute it will take you a very long time to get there.

The new planet has been named Kepler 22b(named for the telescope that discovered it) and is only about 600 light years from earth. That means if you plan on living for about 600 years then you might be able to travel there that's how long it would take to travel that far.

The planet was only a candidate until recently when NASA confirmed that it is within the "habitable zone" of the Universe. It has water and land but there is still much research that needs to be done to know for sure what the planet is made up of; it could be rock, gas or liquid.

Kepler-22b is 2.5 times larger than earth but is a pretty nice 72 degrees. It circles it's star similar to our sun about every 290 days, making its year just short of our 365 days.

So now the question is, is there intelligent life form on this planet? Wouldn't that be cool. I've always said I don't necessarily believe in the "aliens" you see in movies but I think it would be quiet naive to believe we are the only ones that exist in this huge Universe, that would be very close minded. We would never meet these "people" in our lifetime but it would be cool to find that they exist.