All the sports media outlets are saying YES, Mike Leach will be coaching in Washington next season. College football fans know who Mike Leach (who looks like Vince Gill to me) is others of you may not, so here's a little background. He is the former coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders and had a winning record on the field until his firing in 2009.

Leach has a verbal agreement with the Cougars but the paperwork still has to be signed to make it all official. Reports show this will be a five year deal and make Leach the 3rd highest paid coach in the Pac-12. Again an official announcement from the school or Leach himself has yet to be made.

Leach was a huge success for Tech, he had an 84-43 record and went to a bowl came all 10 years he was coach. So with a record like that why was he fired?

Receiver Adam James alleges that the coach made him stay in a construction closet during practice following a concussion he received in a game. James is also the son of ESPN announcer Craig James. The dispute led to the school dismissing Leach of his duties in 2009 and replaced him with now coach Tommy Tuberville. Tuberville is 13-12 in two seasons now and has led Tech to it's first losing season since 1992.

Leach will be replacing Paul Wulff who left the school with a 9-40 record in 4 seasons. Leach will have a rebuilding process ahead of him but my guess is he will do just fine.