When I first blogged about my love for hunting, I wrote a blog on Hunting Coyote with domesticated dogs and how popular it's becoming. That was back in December 20th of 2010. It's two years later and I thought I'd revisit the subject, only to discover the the folks up in Montana, are the expert 'Doggers' they call themselves. The practice is continuing to grow in the Lone Star State as several friends now have coyote hunting dogs. While I'm updating the blog I thought I'd update the video as well. As before I'll caution you now, because it gets pretty graphic, you've been warned.

In my original blog I said; "First off, if you know me, you know I love to hunt, let me make it perfectly clear, I love to hunt! So when I get a video from one of my hunting buddies on how those Montana boys are hunting coyote with dogs.  Let me caution you, it's graphic and shows coyotes being killed. You've been warned!

Soon as I saw this video I knew I was sharing it with you

A couple questions that kept going through my mind were "what kinda dog is that?" and "where can I get a couple?". After seeing it, I got bit by the "hunting fever" now all I want to do now is go hunting. I wish I was in a Ghillie suit hunkered down in the middle of some ranchers pasture eradicating that ranchers predator problems.

Original blog 12/20/2010 on KEAN Radio.com

The sport of hunting with dogs has recently had a much bigger impact in the hog hunting/eradication field. Hunting coyote in Texas, most of us still utilize the old fashioned 'recorded call and decoy system' but the 'decoy dog' method sure makes sense. Check out the video and you'll certainly understand why.

The original 2010 video


Updated Montana Doggers video posted in early 2012