The 5 O'clock KEAN Car Tune is an easy way to win great prizes from the KEAN 105 prize vault. Prizes like concert tickets, C.D.'s, T-shirts, movie passes, car racing tickets, event passes and lots more awesome prizes. Here's how you can win.

Every Monday through Thursday morning at 8:15, the morning show will announce the "KEAN Car Tune of the day" Dave will then play it, that afternoon in the 5 o'clock hour. When you hear the Car Tune of the day be the 15th caller to 325-676-K-E-A-N (325-676-5326) or toll free at 1-800-588-5326 to win. It really is that easy. We will also post the 'Car Tune' on the KEAN Facebook page, in case you missed it in the morning.

So start tuning in and listen for the KEAN Car Tune of the day at 105.1 FM, KEAN-radio online or on your iPhone or Android with Radio Pup.