We have a race coming up this weekend called the High Heel Dash and it benefits Children's Miracle Network. Now the race is open to both men and women and while we ladies may know how to walk in high heels, running is a completely different story. As for our men; well all I can say is good luck! Actually, my boss found an article on How to Run in High Heels and I thought it was a joke at first but it wasn't. This article actually gives you some pointers on how to run in heels and then I found a video that also gave some good tips. So I thought I would share.

I gave up wearing heels awhile back but these tips might have me trying them again. I've condensed the rules of running in high heels into 5 easy steps.

1. Make sure you're in shape. Exercise and stretch your feet and ankles before trying to walk in, much less, run in high heels.

2. Practice walking in a particular pair of heels before you try running in them.

3. Go for a wider/thicker heel. Stilettos are dangerous!

4. Be aware of your surface. Watch for holes and uneven ground. Grass is especially hard to walk or run in wearing high heels.

5. Watch where you are going. Keep your eyes forward, watching ahead of your step.

Hopefully these tips will give you the confidence to put on your best looking heels and come join us for the High Heel Dash this Saturday!