This Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday make a picture perfect turkey, and for the longest time I thought it was not at all possible. I resolved myself to deep-frying and sometimes smoking a turkey because when I baked one it was either too dry, too light or too dark in color. My question was, can I make an oven roasted turkey to come out moist and that beautiful golden color that I only see in the movies. I want a picture perfect turkey or is that the reason it's called a "picture perfect turkey" because you only see it in the movies and in television commercials?


My search began a while back and I kept running into this video and I saw that it's only two and a half minutes short, I mean what can I learn from a two and a half minute video? Certainly not "how to make the best turkey ever" right? Wow, was I ever in for a surprise, first off I learned to put my turkey in after my prep work, "breast side down" that is a first in my limited culinary arts school experience. Now, why would I ever cook my turkey breast side down? This one got me, then it hit me like a ton of bricks, for moisture, wow no more dry turkey. Then I learned to foil the stuffing, really? This short little video helped me make my first perfect turkey. Although I made a few mistakes along the way, like not having a rack below the turkey to assist me in lifting the bird, I have after several turkeys started mastering the art of, "making the best turkey ever."

After you've mastered the "picture perfect turkey" it's on to carving the picture perfect bird and here's another video to help. I hope this has been a help because it has sure been an eye opening experience for me. If you have any "perfect turkey making" secrets please feel free to share them below.