I was inspired to write this because I was standing in the fishing section of Academy the other night and this little girl of maybe 7 was looking at lures with her dad. She was shopping for them just like I do.

We look for the "pretty" ones. Well isn't that what the fish are looking for too? I'm told fishing lures catch more people than they do fish.

This little girl was standing there with her dad, he's looking for specifics, she's looking at the colors and sparkle. I looked at my boyfriend and said "she's shopping for them just like I do!" He just looked at me like I was...a girl!

I didn't realize how many lures and fishing hooks there actually were but there are 3-4 isles of the stuff and the sports stores. Now according to Field & Stream magazine there are new lures, baits, flies and tactics guaranteed to catch more fish.

Is it really the lures and gear or is it the fisherman's savvy ways or is it just plain luck that catches fish? I'll have to get back to you on that once I use some of the lures we bought along with my new fishing rod!

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