The NASA space shuttle program is about to come to and end, sadly.  The retired shuttles will have new homes, but Houston is not one of them.I was upset yesterday when the announcement was made as to where the retired shuttles would be displayed.  Florida gets a shuttle.  That's great I think they should; Florida is home of the Kennedy Space Center.  Virginia gets one, they have the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum.  Now

California will also get one to for their Science Center in Los Angeles.  This is the one I have a problem with, how did Houston's Johnson Space Center get overlooked?  Houston is the training ground for our astronauts, their families live and work in the Houston area.  The Columbia Shuttle exploded in that vicinity and I felt sure that as a memorial and testament to the risk our astronauts take each time they take flight that Houston would be a final resting place for the shuttle program.  I'm not sure how or who made the final decision on where the retirement homes would be but in my opinion they messed up royally.

Maybe I'm missing something here.  If I am please let me know.

Houston you should have been the home of a Space Shuttle.