I'm a bit behind sometimes, like with planking. I didn't know what that was until about a month ago. I kept hearing the word so I finally looked it up. In case you too are behind, planking is laying face down with your hands straight down by your side and having your picture taken in that position. So now I'm trying to figure out what "horsemaning" is. I looked it up. Now I'll share, keep reading.

The first "horsemaning" took place in the 1920's when people would mimic the Headless Horseman story. It takes 3 people for this, or two if you have a timer on your camera. One person has only their head showing in the photo, the other has only their body showing. That way it seems that the head and body are separate.

It's become another internet sensation just as planking did. People all over the world are horsemaning and sending or posting pics and videos to their blogs, Twitters, Facebooks and more. In fact there is a whole Facebook page dedicated to horsemaning just as there was for planking.

It's crazy, stupid, fun.  So, of course you know I had to try it!!

This is me (my body) and my partner in crime Staci (her head) working hard answering your calls.