There aren't many movies that I get too excited about seeing. Movies are expensive and I would just rather wait until they hit video. However, there are two right now that have me intrigued. One is the new Denzel Washington movie called "Flight" and he second I just found out about, "Hitchcock".

I have always been a fan of Hitchcock movies. Some of my favorites are "The Birds", "Rear Window", "Dial M for Murder and "North by Northwest". Like most people who saw the movie "Psycho", showers were a little stressful for a while afterwards. I always made sure the bathroom door was locked!

The movie "Hitchcock" is a biopic about Alfred Hitchcock and his struggle to get the movie "Psycho" made in the 1950's. Movie studios weren't willing to take the chance on backing a movie with such violence and some nudity back in those days. So Hitchcock, determined to make this movie, would have to do it on his own somehow.

Hitchcock finally paid for the movie himself, $800,000. A good bit of money in those days. His wife asks if they have to sell the whole house or just the pool. The movie of course went on to become a huge hit and is now a classic thriller not to be missed.

The movie has an all-star cast too. Anthony Hopkins plays the chubby, strong-willed Hitchcock, Helen Mirren plays his wife and Scarlett Johansson plays the iconic Janet Leigh who, of course, was the center piece of the movie "Psycho". Also appearing in the movie are Jessica Biel, Toni Collette, and Ralph Macchio.

Check out the official trailer below. The movie should be hitting theaters November 23rd.