The San Antonio Spurs completely destroyed the Miami Heat in the 2014 NBA Finals to get their 5th championship. The Spurs dominated the Heat so bad, that social media blew up with people making fun of the Heat for various reasons. You can now put Taiwanese animators on the growing list of people talking smack about the Heat with this hilarious video.

The video (above) starts off by recapping how the Spurs beat the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat in this year's playoffs even with the aging Spurs star Tim Duncan, who's depicted in one of those old people scooters.

The animated video goes on to say how "the only time the Heat were on in this year's finals, was in game 1", referring to the air conditioning not working in San Antonio.

Then, after showing a Spurs' player pooping on Dwayne Wade, the animators get one more jab in against LeBron James to cap off one of the funniest game recaps ever.