Well Halloween is just around the corner. I may actually regret having written this blog because I'm sure some of my office mates will now start thinking about ways to scare me. Anyway, I found three videos that show you should carefully think first about who your victim will be and if they are stronger than you.

The first video is called "never scare a black man", and from the reaction of this guy that's probably good advice. He seems to have a darn good punch! Maybe he should think about boxing.

Well we might have a face off between guy in video 1 and guy in video 2. They both have strong punches and I'm glad I'm not on the receiving end of either one.

This kid might give the first two guys a run for their money. He whacks the guy sitting in the chair, knocks him out of the chair actually.

I would say these are examples of what NOT to do on Halloween, unless you can do it more than an arms length away. Otherwise you are only endangering yourself.

So if any of my co-works are planning anything, I think you should know I've taken kick-boxing!!