I explained to you a few weeks ago my addiction to the game Candy Crush Saga. There are a few levels that can stump you. You might be stuck a few days, weeks or even months before you finally get lucky and move on. That's when you get frustrated because you run out of lives and have to make the choice of putting down the game or buying more lives, with real money. Well I have a trick to get those new lives and it's FREE.

The game gives you 5 lives to play with; when those are used up you have to hope your friends have sent you extra lives, buy lives (with real money) or you just have to wait it out until your game regenerates your lives. It usually takes about 30 minutes for the game to give you a life back (2 1/2 hours for all 5).

I know people who get so addicted that they actually fork over the money and buy the lives. I refuse to throw my money away like that. After all, it is only a game, correct? Well, some genius came up with a cheat that is so easy it makes you wonder why you didn't think of it first.

You simply go into your iPhones settings and change your clock forward an hour. That's it, you should then have another 5 lives. Yes, if you do this you are totally addicted and should probably seek therapy. But, hey, at least it's FREE!