Derek Jeter is a New York Yankee.  I am a Yankee fan and especially a Derek Jeter fan.  So I can't wait for him to grab this milestone 3000th hit.  He's been on the disabled list for a few weeks but he's back and just a few hits away.

Yes, I am a Yankees fan.  I have been a Yankees fan all my life mainly because my mom has been a fan since the Mickey Mantle days.  She and her grandfather and uncle would sit and watch the games together.

Just as my mom had her hero Mickey Mantle, I have mine, Derek Jeter.  He's just an all around great guy.  He's humble, respectful of the game and players, a philanthropist and in my opinion a great player and leader for his organization.

So now he's within a few hits of making 3000, that's a feat few have managed to reach.  The HBO network is producing a one hour special that chronicles his mission-"Derek Jeter 3K".  Jeter allowed the network to follow him at home and while he was on rehabilitation leave.

They have interviewed friends, family, teammates, coaches and his girlfriend Minka Kelly (I could do without seeing that part).  The show is set to air a few weeks after Jeter accomplishes his goal.

He's only 2 hits away!!!