Remember a few months ago I told you the house that was home to the American Idol contestants was for sale, and supposedly haunted.  It has now sold and you won't believe the price tag!This house is located in Beverly Hill, California.  It has 9 beds and 9 baths, a huge pool, hot tub,  marble counter tops, game room,  and what is called a motor court...I call it a parking lot, it will hold 100 cars.  It is a total of 15,000 square feet.  And it's haunted.

Here's a video of the contests when they first arrive at the mansion.

Well the problems were a spider infestation, flickering lights and someone claimed to have seen a sheet float down the hallway and then the ceiling sprung a leak from all the rain.  At the time many speculated that it was all a publicity stunt on the part of AI to boost ratings.  The contestants were eventually moved to a hotel after complaining to producers.

It's list price on this house was $12 million; it sold for $11.2.  The new inhabitant is the owner of a baby toy product company called Munchkin, Inc. that banks millions of dollars a year.

Hopefully he's the only inhabitant, at $11.2 million I would hope that those ghosts have been eradicated.

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