As I drive around Abilene I see a lot of empty buildings, I wonder if most are due to the strained economy. Then I realized that one particular business has a commonality: video rental stores. So I pondered, "Has Redbox Killed the Video Stores in Abilene?"

Blockbuster, founded in McKinney, Texas, was the best known video rental chain in the United States and it filed for bankruptcy in September of 2010. In one of their press releases, Blockbuster blamed their failure largely on companies like Netflix and Redbox. Although the surviving video rental stores in Abilene still have a pulse, the two that remain are Hastings Entertainment located on South 14th street, and Box Office Video‎ at 1043 North Judge Ely Boulevard.

Has Redbox killed the video stores in Abilene? For the most part, yes but Redbox had an accomplice, Netflix who started it all.


Redbox has at least 10 locations in Abilene with another 10 more in the surrounding communities.

Redbox locations.

Netflix is as close as your computer or laptop.