I LOVE Doris Day's old movies.  My mom used to watch them so, of course, so did I.  Doris celebrates her 80 something birthday today.  I say 80 something because publicity info wasn't great back then some reports are saying 86, others 88.  So no matter what her age, Happy Birthday.Some of my favorite Doris Day movies include, Calamity Jane, That Touch of Mink, Glass Bottom Boat, Pillow Talk, With Six You Get Egg Roll, The Thrill of it All and Lover Come Back.  She was on the screen with the likes of Rock Hudson, Cary Grant, Rod Taylor, James Garner, Brian Keith, and Dom DeLuis.  She also did an Alfred Hitchcock movie with James Stewart; The Man Who Knew Too Much.  She not only could sing and dance but I loved her quirky acting as well.  She always seemed so natural. She was also a huge animal activist.

Some of her radio hits were  Secret Love,  Sentimental Journey and her biggest of all Que Sera, Sera.

No one sees much of Doris Day or Clara as she is known by friends.  She bowed out of Hollywood and leads a very quiet life away from the spot light.  A huge change from the '50 and '60's when she was one of the biggest stars of the time and her face was everywhere.

I put the video of That Touch of Mink on here because it's one of my favorite Doris Day movies and who couldn't like Cary Grant.  If you get the chance to see her movies and you never have, they are fun Saturday pajama movies!!!