When it comes to kids I have a pretty good grasp on who done what, and when. My wonderful wife Donna and I have raised eight kids under one roof, so when something got broke or something came up missing, we had to become private investigators and start the questioning process. This usually took a little bit of time as my kids had a secret oath to never rat each other out. That oath is still in tact today but it's okay because we only have the nine year old to question. Nonetheless, when this dog owner tries to find the guilty offender, he comes to a conclusion pretty quick. If by looks alone, this dog is G-U-I-L-T-Y! Take a look.

If only kids could look this guilty when being asked "did you do this?" I still say as I blogged yesterday, dogs have feelings and emotions just like we humans do. Cats on the other hand are, sly, conniving, not trustworthy at all. A cat will eat your last piece of chocolate and never think twice about it. However, a dog would at least like you with it's chocolaty tongue as if to say "I'm sorry, but it sure was good."