In what sounds like an old Jackson Browne or Bob Segar remake, Gretchen Wilson has hit her mark with the first released song "Still Rollin'" from her upcoming album titled "Right on Time." From the very start of the song, it sounds as if it came straight off of a Browne or Segar album, but it didn't. In fact, Gretchen and her longtime friend and fellow songwriter Vicky McGehee, wrote the song. Now, the last big news we heard from Gretchen Wilson was in 2009 when she opened her new record label Redneck Records. Today, 2013 promises to be her biggest year ever.

In 2012 the Redneck Woman was out on tour with a 'Gang of Outlaws' ZZ Top and 3 Doors Down. Gretchen has been busy getting ready for 2013, this year alone Wilson plans on releasing her new Country album, Classic Rock album and her first full-length Christmas album. The Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter has been recording with a vengeance "Right On Time," a 12 song CD is scheduled to hit stores sometime in April.

"I am very excited to have so much new music coming out this year," said Gretchen. "We are already touring, and are looking forward to an incredible year with old friends, and new beginnings!"


The album "Right On Time" was produced by Wilson herself and includes 12 new songs that range from traditional Country to Southern Rock to Blues.

This is Gretch Wilson's new song "Still Rollin'"