St. Jude just keeps finding ways to help children and adults beat cancer.  It was discovered that people of Native American decent are more likely to have cancer relapse.  Once that was discovered St. Jude said "why?" and are working to answer that question.When we were in Memphis this past January we went to a speaking engagement where one of the genome therapist spoke about this particular type of research.  It was fascinating to say the least.  The way they can separate certain genes out and find out how they affect certain types of cancer.  I can't explain it but I think this article can give you a much better feel of the work that is on-going at St. Jude and why we need your help to keep it going!!  Please become a Partner In Hope at 1-800-588-1433.

The first genome-wide study to demonstrate an inherited genetic basis for racial and ethnic disparities in cancer survival linked Native American ancestry with an increased risk of relapse in young leukemia patients. The work was done by investigators at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Children’s Oncology Group (COG).