Grandkids are always exposing their parents and grandparents to new things. Remember the grandparents that were trying to figure out the webcam? What about the grandma that has learned to dance with the Wii?  Now add some candy from the early 80's to the picture and see the reaction.I grew up with the candy Pop Rocks and loved them.  When you pour them in your mouth they begin to sizzle and pop.  They don't hurt they just feel funny.  You could by them in Orange, Grape and Strawberry from what I remember.

Pop Rocks even has a Facebook page.  The candy was actually release to the public in 1975 and taken off of store shelves in 1983.  It was removed because of a myth that existed that the carbonated candy when mixed with sodas could make your stomach explode.

Well the candy is back now and I'm pretty sure no one 's stomach has exploded.
This little granny is 82 years old and her grandkids have decided she needs to try the candy.  Watch her reaction when she finally figures out what exactly is going on.

<a href=";videoId=b69d601c-0c22-4486-8500-6f7b1c7d5b52&amp;src=v5:embed::uuids" target="_new" title="Grandma Eats Pop Rocks For First Time">Video: Grandma Eats Pop Rocks For First Time</a>