Granger Smith is always up to something new, whether it's walking miles and miles with the Boot Campaign for our soldiers, celebrating his alter ego with Earl Dibbles Jr. or playing a concert at 35,000 feet. He does it because he loves music, loves his fans and loves our soldiers.

Granger's latest endevour is that of playing at 35,000 feet for an unsuspecting crowd, (or captive audience). Granger is the current Boot Campaign Ambassador and played for a group of folks on a flight from Dallas to Austin.

The Boot Campaign raises money and awareness of the challenges soldiers face when they return home.  Granger performed his song " Thats What I Do With It" on a Southwest Airlines flight to show his support for our soldiers who serve (past and present)  in the US Military.

I think the passengers enjoyed the concert and the meaning behind it; many of them have their phones out recording the performance.  Better than most if the inflight movies you get these days.

Check out Granger's performance here! For more Granger check out his website.