Will the Government shutdown?  Whether your a Democrat or a Republican the fact remains, those elected officials will still get their paychecks, no matter what, but our troops in harms way, their paycheck could stop and I've been told by some in the military that they will only receive half a paycheck. One veteran gets into it with Representative Jim Moran, D-Va. Hot VIDEO!

I was asked by  some in the building what would I do if I was in those soldiers boots. In a foreign country ready to do battle and all of a sudden the country that hired me can't pay me. The country that I am from can't stop quibbling long enough to do the peoples will. What would I do? Here goes, I become a gun for hire I give you said hours, you Mr. Government give me said pay, right? You can't pay me I go A-W-O-L and go to work for your competitor or one of those companies that "don't exist" and I can now continue being a soldier...oh wait I'm not a soldier I am now called a mercenary. Mr. Gov call me when you get more money.
One more thing,  if by any chance ANYONE in my family should become ill or worse yet get injured and need health-care and since you Mr. Government have asked me not to use said services we are gonna have one major malfunction. I don't quite remember his name but for the sake of this article lets call him John Q.
OK, OK, not that I've got that out of my system, I will go to the polls and "try" to find someone who "will" do the peoples will. I do not recommend going AWOL, but think for just a second what if our soldiers did that. Thank God we have the best and most loyal troops known to man. God Bless our troops.