The first woman to ever run for vice president on a major party ticket in 1984, Geraldine Ferraro died Saturday. She was 75.

Ferraro died at a Massachusetts hospital, where she was being treated for cancer. She died just before 10 a.m., said a family friend. who was acting as a spokeswoman for the family.

Ferraro catapulted to national prominence at the 1984 Democratic convention when she was chosen by presidential nominee Walter Mondale to join his ticket against incumbents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. I will never forget her because of her "now" famous speech that started out wit: "Ladies & gentlemen of the convention, my name is Geraldine Ferraro", and the convention center erupted with applause. Check it out it gives me goose bumps every-time I hear this speech. In closing I think she opened the doors for other great women to run for higher offices like Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. God Bless her and my prayers and thoughts are with the family.