Don't count him out yet, George Strait ain't retired, the man just released yet another awesome song. This past week King George released the song "I Believe" from his current album titled "Love Is Everything". This song is where I believe Strait kind of puts his faith out there for all to see. "I Believe" is a very serious song about a recent event, the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary. This is something totally new for the King of country.

"I Believe" was written by George his son Bubba Strait and Dean Dillon it's about the 20 children and six teachers that lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The lyrics read "The night's as clear as a big desert sky, But it's hard to see stars with these tears in my eyes, Yeah, it's hard not to cry, There's 26 reasons why". I think this is a catchy song in the way George delivers the lyric "I Believe", it's very melodic almost to the point of putting one in a trance. This is a song from someone who's saying "hey I'm not done yet, I've got something I want to say". I think the song is just brilliant.

At his retirement announcement George told CBS News "I just don't want to go to the point where I show up and nobody else does, It's been great. I've been doing it for 30 years or so and I've loved it". I think the biggest song is yet to come from his royal highness King George. Check out the song and the lyrics.

George Strait - I Believe

"I Believe" the lyrics

The night's as clear as a big desert sky
but it's hard to see the stars with these tears in my eyes
Yeah, it's hard not to cry
There's twenty-six reasons why
There's broken hearts that'll never be the same
Shattered lives still reeling from the pain
Of plans and dreams now gone
Oh, how do you move on?

But I believe
There's someone who's looking after me
Someone beside me night and day
To light the way
It's hard to conceive
Something you can't see
But I believe
I believe

There's twenty-six angels looking down from above
resting in his mercy, grace and love
Time may never heel
The sadness that we feel

[Repeat Chorus]

The rivers flow now that used to be dry
As people all over the world start to cry
But I believe