George Strait has announced his retirement and his final tour over the next 2 years. He says next year though to 'expect the unexpected'. Eluding to the fact that concerts next year will be lots of fun and probably have some surprise guests showing up on stage.

Kenny Chesney might even make an appearance. I would be in heaven! Kenny & George on the same stage would be the best line-up ever, in my opinion. Although, he's not confirming anything at this point; he does say “Kenny and I have been friends for a long time; we worked together in the stadium days, and other times, too. Don’t be surprised if you see him out next year with us somewhere. We’ve got some big plans.”


The two, in fact, worked together in 2007 when they recorded the song 'Shiftwork'. George also recalls his 2000 Music Festival of which Kenny and Tim McGraw were a part of. That, you will recall was when they pulled the stunt of riding the police horses in New York and found themselves getting arrested for doing so. He says “It was so funny because I got the word the police had them right as I was walking on stage. It was a heck of a night waitin’ up for those guys to get back in.”

So, as George says, expect the unexpected next year as the cowboy prepares to ride away.