I'm not a huge fan of Gary Busey, he's a little off kilter if you ask me but that doesn't mean he doesn't do good things.  As a participant in the Celebrity Apprentice Gary raised money for an organization that once helped him personally. The Center for Head Injury Services.  As part of the show he created a "camping world" experience in New York City.  This raised $40,000

for his charity.  In 1988 Gary was riding a motorcycle which he wrecked, throwing him head first into a curb causing a brain injury.  It just so happened that a police officer was right there and a trauma team just a few blocks away, because they were so quick to respond it saved Gary's life.  However, there was much rehabilitation after leaving the hospital and that's where The Center for Head Injury Services come in, they help the injured regain skills and get their everyday lives back.  The center is a non-profit so they depend on donations like Gary's to continue their services.