Garth Brooks hit the music scene in 1989 with his self-titled album. He was the biggest music star around at the time; and then came Chris Gaines. Gaines, of course, was Brooks rock alter ego, that turned out to be a flop. However, not just anyone could have tried that. Garth eventually retired from music but now he is moving back to Nashville and hoping to re-launch his career.

In 1990 I graduated High School and went off to college Garth was huge at the time and I listened to his music all through college. To me his first 2 albums were his best works; Garth Brooks and No Fences. Those featured songs like The Dance, If Tomorrow Never Comes, and Friends in Low Places. Everywhere you went you could here those songs and most times everyone was singing along; especially with Friends in Low Places.

Garth decided to retire in 2001 and move back to his home state of Oklahoma. He wanted to raise his three daughters without the music business getting in the way. So for the last 13 years country radio has only had his past hits to play. That is about to change though. Just a week ago it was announced that Garth will be heading back to Nashville and back to the studio to make new music. The question is, can he re-establish himself on radio?

If he puts out music like he did in the mid '90s like Standing Outside the Fire, Two-Pina Coladas, and Shameless then yes, I say he will slip right back in to the groove. He's playing to a whole new generation of fans, some will know him but many won't. He knows the ins and outs of this crazy business and doors will open but he's going to have a lot of new people to impress too.

I'm anxious and excited to hear new stuff from Garth. How about you; are you ready for a Garth comeback?