Tech, electronic and gadget geeks are in heaven this week as Las Vegas hosts the CES or Consumer Electronics Show. This is where businesses like LG, Ford, Samsung, Sony and many more roll out their latest innovations for the world to see. Although the show it's self isn't open to the public, however, all the media are there to cover it for us.

There are new smart car technologies coming out to sync up your phone and your car with Pandora and more. Ford is working on this product as well as the voice command technology which has become a huge selling point for them. All allowing for "hands free"
activation. Allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel.

Then there is the GPS tracker for your pets. Put the collar on them and you can keep track of them where ever they go.

There's the Body Metrics from England that allows you to scan your body, put it on the screen and virtually try on clothes.

And TV's are the biggest item of this years show. LG is hoping to offer their newest product by the middle to latter part of the year.
They have what is called an "OLED" TV. The "O" stands for organic, the television makes it's own energy. It's super thin and light weight. It's only 4 mm thick, and weighs only 16 1/2 lbs for a 55 inch. It has super rich color and almost looks 3D because the contrasts are so sharp.