You have kids? Ever stick them in the back seat and go for a long trip? They need some kind of entertainment. So along come the DVD players for the headrests. Now there is something even better. However, it's only a concept at this point, but it could be in GM cars soon.

The GM Research and Development department issued a challenge to Israel’s Bezalel Academy of Art and Design school students to come up with a new concept for back seat passengers to make their experience more enjoyable.

It was called the WOO Project or Windows of Opportunity. What they came up with are four different apps. The Foofu, Spindow, Otto and Pond.

Foofu is a program that will allow you to draw on the window almost like drawing on the bathroom mirror after a shower. The Spindow will allow you to have a virtual window where you change the scenery on your window from anywhere in the world. Otto is animated characters that change with the car based on speed, environment and weather. It will be great fun for the kids. Pond is a music streaming and messaging app that you will be able to interact with other cars traveling the roads as well.

Remember this was only an exercise for students it's only a concept but the way technology is progressing it wouldn't surprise me to find these types of ingenious ideas coming to life soon.

The latest info on this technology see the GM Research and Development Center or Facebook.