If you have family coming to your house for the holiday and they have kids sometimes it's hard to keep the little ones entertained.  There are some great (EASY) craft ideas online.  I've found a couple that are super easy check them out.This site I found is actually from Disney and it's called Family Fun.  There are craft ideas, party ideas, recipes, family vacation getaway ideas and more.  Plus, there are videos to help you along as well. I've included a couple of those videos below.

First of all you have to have your patriotic t-shirt to wear 4th of July so here is a video with a super easy t-shirt making idea.  The shirts turn out really cute.


Of course you'll need an accessory to match your shirt. Here's a quick bracelet making idea. If you remember making "friendship" bracelets in the 80's then you'll be a pro at this. If not it's really simple and by the way, boys like these bracelets too!!