Taylor Swift seems to be everywhere these days. She's a great ambassador for country music; clean cut, well behaved, articulate, personable and she can sing! She is about to grace the cover of Glamour Magazine for the third time and she invited the Cynthia McFadden and the crew of Nightline to join her for the photo shoot.

She is pretty open and accessible during the interview with one exception; the "boyfriend". She is currently linked to Conor Kennedy of "The" Kennedy family. However, when the subject of their relationship came up she clammed up.

Swift pointed out that she doesn't talk about her relationships, but does put them into song. So who is it that she is "never, ever, getting back together with"?

Swift also talks about being a worrier. About pretty much everything. (I can relate) She worries about her career, kids, today, tomorrow...everything.

She also talks about her "surprise" face every time she receives an award. She's been the butt of quite a few jokes but takes it in stride and says she is honestly surprised every time she wins. She doesn't take any of it for granted and appreciates all of them.