It's been a while since I've heard any news about Texas Trooper and Country legend Junior Brown, in fact the last time I heard his name mentioned was when he played the 'Swingin’ Tex Fest' show here in Abilene. Before that he was climbing to the top of the music charts with a song called 'The Highway Patrol.' A song that catapulted Junior Brown to national stardom. Junior Brown is back with a song that many of us have yelled at other drivers about, 'Hang Up and Drive.' Give it a listen.

Today the former Texas State Trooper still travels and plays the music circuit with some regularity. I wondered if he was ever going to give us another monster hit song like the 'Highway Patrol' or just try to live off the notoriety of that hit song. Well the answer is, he is still singing, songwriting, touring and recording with that highly recognizable voice. It's Junior's voice that keeps all of his fans (me being one of them) mesmerized and always wanting more. So turn up the speakers and enjoy.

Junior Brown - Hang Up and Drive