Petitioning the White House has become as common as the cold as of late. So, I decided to petition them to make the NFL move the Super Bowl to Saturday night.

Think about it, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest party events of the year; probably the biggest behind New Year's Eve and Mardi Gras. So, why punish us by making us go to work the next day with a hangover...or possible depression following our team's loss?

If the NFL won't do the right thing and move the game to Saturday night, maybe the White House will force them. Heck, the lawmakers in Washington get in our 'sports' biz all the time anyway, so why not in a case that impacts all sports fans, not just a player or 2. Just sign the petition to show your support for this initiative.

We need 100,000 votes by March 3rd for this to go to the desk of the President.

This is about America. Be a good American and sign this.

Click here to sign the petition.