The flying car is now a reality and will hit the market the end of next year. It's a little pricey for the "normal" person but you may just see them driving down the highway next to you very soon...then taking off.

The National Highway Safety Administration has given approval for the sale of the flying car.  What does mean?  It means these cars can travel down the highway next to you and then take off and fly just like an airplane.

The cars travel at highway speed, can fold out their wings in less than 20 seconds, take off in flight and fly at over 100 mph.  They then fold back up and fit in a single car garage.  They seat 2, run on regular automobile gasoline and get better gas mileage than most current vehicles.

The company producing the auto/planes already have about 100 orders for the car but will not be ready to hit the market until the end of next year.

It will run you somewhere around $279,000 to buy this toy.  So if you have a little extra pocket change to throw around you too can have a flying car!