Those of you who, like me, have trouble packing for trips I have a great website for you to visit.  I never know what to pack, always afraid I'll leave something behind that I desperately need. This site has you covered.

My last trip I went to Big Bend National Park over spring break.  I had never been "camping" before.  I wasn't sure what to pack, what I needed to take or what I should leave behind.  This site is called helped me keep my packing stream lined.

No matter if you are taking a road-trip, going camping, to the beach, on a cruise, RV-ing, or sailing they have a check-list for you. They also have a book suggestion list, tips & tidbits, packing light, double duty packing, even a great resources list.  The resources list covers things such as weather, health warnings, currency exchange and more.

So this time I'm going to the beach so I checked the site again to see what I might be missing in my packing.  They have a list of electronics, medical, documents, miscellaneous, his/hers lists too.  It gives you something to go by, things you might not think about otherwise.  For example, I never think about taking my travel sewing kit even though that's what it's for.  I can't tell you how many times I've had a loose button or need a safety pin for something.

Here is an example of the beach travel list:

Beach Vacation

    ~ Sarong/ Pareo
    ~ Flip Flops/ Sandals/ Crocs
    ~ Beach Bag/ Dry Bag
    ~ Lots of swimsuits
    ~ Waterproof hair accessories
    ~ Quick Dry Shorts
    ~ Anklets/ Toe Rings 

    Essential Beach Bag Booty

    ~ A sheet/ Beach blanket/ Large towel
    ~ Cover-ups/ Loose, light weight shirts
    ~ Wide brimmed hats
    ~ Sunscreen and lip balm with sunscreen
    ~ Small amount of cash
    ~ Disposable waterproof camera
    ~ Small spray bottle of white vinegar
    ~ Water
    ~ Bandana
    ~ Sunglasses

    Extra Beach Bag Booty

    ~ Mask and snorkel (fins optional)
    ~ Bug spray (depending on the area)
    ~ Inflatable or pop-up playthings
    ~ Picnic lunch
    ~ Swiss army knife or Leatherman tool
    ~ Folding lightweight beach chairs
    ~ Boogie board or similar
    ~ Aqua shoes
    ~ Umbrella or portable pop-up cabana

    Beach Bag Booty For The Kids

    ~ A pail and shovel
    ~ Beach ball, water wings, other inflatable toys
    ~ Snacks like fresh or dried fruit
    ~ Portable kid sized tents


So if you are going to be heading out on the road this summer you might want to check this site out for yourself.  Like the Boy Scouts say: always be prepared.  Happy traveling!