"Fastest Girl in Town" is the latest single from Miranda Lambert's album "Four the Record". The video for the song features Miranda and NASCAR driver Danica Patrick as some bad girls that lead a couple of enamored guys on a high speed chase.

Most videos are made and you watch them, end of story.  However, Miranda Lambert is letting her fans get involved in her latest video.

The new interactive video allows you to choose different camera angles to see different parts of action, from inside the Miranda/Danica car to the truck chasing them, to aerial shots of the car chase.

Within the video are four "Fastest Girl in Town" posters that you can click on for bonus clips and interviews. Danica explains how she became part of the video, Miranda talks about how the song and video ideas came about, the stunt coordinator gives you info on how the video was shot and more.

The end of the video allows you options to create a new video or even customize a poster for Facebook. Don't forget you can also download a smartphone app for "Fastest Girl in Town".

Check out the "Fastest Girl in Town" interactive video for yourself.