I know times are tough on everyone right now. People are losing jobs and homes, but can you lose your final resting place? You would think that once you're dead all your problems are over but that's not the case for some in Spain.

A cemetery in Spain has placed stickers on the grave sites of those whose lease is up. Zaragoza city in Spain does not sell space any longer you must lease your final resting place, a lease can be 5 or 49 years.

Those who have received a sticker on their site must pay or their loved one will removed from the crypt and moved to a common burial ground. In recent months over 400 crypts have been removed although officials say those are crypts that have not been renewed in the last 15 years.

So I guess you should pay up in full on that 49 year lease before you go or make darn sure you're family is responsible enough to keep you in your chosen place of rest. I don't know what they do with you after your 49 years is up. Maybe at that time it's yours to keep.

So what would you do if you went to the cemetery and found an eviction notice on the headstone of your loved one?