Erica Perry is on her second career. After a few years of being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Perry made the decision to cut loose and pursue her passion of becoming a country music singer-songwriter. Accompanied by Phil Hamilton, Perry stopped by the KEAN 105 Afternoon Show to talk about her music, promote her first single and play a couple songs for us in studio.

In the first part of my conversation with Erica Perry, we talked about her transition from being a cheerleader to country singer. "I picked up the guitar probably about 5 years ago and started writing. So not very long. It's a long time to me, but I guess not very long. I've always been singing my whole life, but I was was always a dancer...I should always watch how I say that...I cheered for the [Dallas] Cowboys for three years. I was on drill team my whole life. I always sang, but I never started really writing until about 5 years ago.". Perry goes on to explain that music has always been with her, stating, "Singing was always a passion for me, but everybody kept saying 'you need to write your own stuff', you know, 'you need to find yourself and you own style'. So I finally just picked up the guitar and was like, 'Alright. I'm gonna write'. I thought I was going to pick up the guitar just to write songs, and then I fell in love with playing the guitar. Now, I play it on almost every song."

Erica also played 'Lust', a song from her new CD 'Wandering Daisy' for us in studio. Take a listen here:

Erica Perry Interview - Part 1

In part two of our conversation. I asked Erica how fortunate she feels having an established singer-songwriter like Phil Hamilton helping her along as she gets started promoting her music. "It's great, I mean it really is great. Especially being a girl, it's not very easy. It's a very man-dominated world...we became really good friends after we did a show together New Year's over a year ago. And he just really believes in my music and he kind of picked me up and brought me along, like it's really helping me out. Like, there's probably a lot I wouldn't have gotten if it weren't for him." Phil gave his perspective, telling us, "I would have loved for someone to be able to do that with me, and that just didn't happen. I didn't have the chance and the opportunity, but some people do. And I think it's great when other artists do that for one another. I think [musicians] should be a family...I look back at the days of Cory [Morrow] and Pat [Green], and all those guys, and the brotherhood that made Texas music. And I can honestly say that unfortunately, it's kind of slipping away.".

Erica admits she is a sucker for slow songs, and she played one for us in studio. It's called 'Lullabye', from her new CD, 'Wandering Daisy'. Take a listen to the second part of Erica Perry's visit to the KEAN 105 Afternoon Show:

Erica Perry Interview - Part 2

We ran out of time on the radio, but I managed to keep Erica and Phil around for a few extra minutes. I had one more topic I wanted Perry to elaborate on, and that's the subject of women in the Texas music scene. "I feel like for the guys, because it's a very college scene, kind of, and young, and people like to drink and party. And to be completely honest with you, even I don't party to girls' music...If I'm going to go listen to a girl, I'm going to sit down and listen. And I think that makes it hard, you know, doing the whole Texas country thing, because everybody wants to have a drink in their hand, and everybody wants to kind of party it up, and I feel like with a lot of girls, it's not partying music." Perry goes on to say, "I just feel like if you're going to be a girl [in the Texas music scene], you have to be that much better to actually make it. I'm not bashing on anyone, but for guys, you don't have to be the most amazing singer, and you can get up there, and if you have a great band, and you write great songs...with girls, I feel like you have to have a good voice, and something different. You can't sound too 'this' or too 'that'."

We also talked about a recent guest to the Afternoon Show, Heather Roberts, and her recent comments on the same subject. Take a listen to the complete web-exclusive portion of my interview with Erica Perry here:

Erica Perry Interview - Web Extra

She's more than just pretty. Erica is a very gifted singer-songwriter deserving of every bit of recognition she receives. Be sure to check Erica Perry out at her official website, like her Facebook page, follow her on Twitter, and hopefully at a nearby live music venue very soon (maybe even on tour with Phil Hamilton).