Eric Church's new song "Some of It" is a humble reflection on how we gather life's lessons.

It's a contrast to the rapid-fire, Southern-rock melody of "Desperate Man" — "Some of It" takes on a quieter tone as a somber Church thinks back on how he has learned lessons throughout his life. Sometimes it was the hard way, sometimes through the written word ... this star knows the struggle of absorbing valuable teachings.

"Some of it, you learn the hard of it / Some of it, you read on a page / Some of it comes from heartbreak / Most of it comes with age / And none of it ever comes easy," he sings gently. Church continues to express humility by claiming that he doesn't know everything yet, and even though you may not be able to use each piece of advice you're given, the most important ones will stick. 

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"A bunch of it, you maybe can't use / I know I don't probably know what I think I do / But there's something to some of it," he reflects.  

Church shared a snippet of the new song that will be featured on his upcoming album Desperate Man on Instagram alongside an image of a man walking alone along a boardwalk over a dark ocean. Using "Some Of It" and the title track as evidence, Church's 2018 album will continue to showcase his bold nature and reflective spirit.

"It’s been a while; I just want to say I have missed you. We are back," Church said when announcing the album. Less than a month after its release, the title track made its way into the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Desperate Man will be released on Oct. 5.

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