It was announce this week on Good Morning America that the Britney Spears Femme Fatale tour would be accompanied by Enrique Iglesias as the opening act.  Not so fast, that has all changed.

It seems that Enrique has pulled out of the tour or it was never a "done deal" in the first place.  His reps are saying they apologize for the confusion but he will not be touring with Britney.  So what really happened here?  The Iglesias camp says he's on his own sold out tour and doesn't need to open for Britney. Folks on her side say Iglesias didn't want to be the "opening act".  But the fact seems to be that Britney jumped the gun and announced the tour before the papers were signed.

Having said all of this who do you think should tour with Briney?  Who would you like to see as the opening act?